CodeCreate Team and Contact

    • Jeff Sweeton, Founder, Director and Chief Facilitator –
    • Grace Urrutia, Assistant Director and Facilitator
    • Brandon David, Outreach Facilitator


  • Susan Zielinski, Creative Consultation and Assistance

    Guest Facilitators

  • Jerry Nwosoucha, Facilitator
  • Anne Jurak, Facilitator
  • George Berlin, Facilitator
  • Steven Fischer, Assistant Facilitation, Animation and Movie Production
  • Edgar Baeza Gonzalez, Assistant Facilitation, Art and Science Education
  • Dana Holdman El, Assistant Facilitation, International Collaboration
  • Kevin Michael Wesson, Assistant Facilitation, Puppet Design
  • Reginald Dyson, Assistant Facilitation, Video Production
  • David MacWilliams, Assistant Facilitation, Art and Science Education
  • David Sweeton, Electrical Engineering and Project Consultation

Youth Participants Turned Team Members

(Design Diplomats)

  • Travianna Archer
  • Silas Rosenberg
  • Alexis Daniels
  • Connor Cummings
  • Ella Rosenberg
  • Fritz Groth
  • Lee Buell

The CodeCreate Board of Directors

  • Freedom Nguyen, Founding Board Member
  • Carolina Kaufman
  • Sarah Eilefson
  • Almetris Stanley Snulligan

  • with Brian Murray, Communications Liaison
  • with Tamara Rozofsky, Performative Consultation
  • with Laura Christman, Organizational Consultation