Workshops for Youth

CodeCreate coaches students in basic circuitry, media and performing arts, robotics and computer programming, illustration and 3D design. Our workshops are adaptable for individuals or multiple group sizes, ages, spaces and equipment, can vary between a single hour or multiple days and cover a variety of topics, leveraging youths’ interests, passions, knowledge and creativity.

  • Performative Science

  • Power Puppets

  • Cardboard Switching

  • Digital Animation and Media Mashup

  • The Model Hardware Race Car Rally

  • Coded Construction

  • Jingle and Flash: Cell Phones and Other Works of Art

  • The Science of Scale

Students at Tanner Elementary School participate in Parallel Paths, an exploration of storytelling in video production, video game design and traditional writing.
A participant in Night Out in the Parks builds and programs a conductive owl and baby that, when touching, coo in a Cardboard Switching Challenge.
Visitors at the Museum of Contemporary Art build the basic bodies of Model Hardware Racers.
A student assigns coded color assignments (in this case as hexadecimal HTML commands) at the Disney Magnet school.
A student build a Power Puppet as an evil guerilla in a darkened movie theatre at Facets Multimedia.
Students with CodeCreate board member Carolina Kaufman at the MOUSE Game Jam look on at Model Hardware Racers they have built.