Art and Technology Engagement

We believe we can all creatively shape science and technology.


CodeCreate connects thousands of people, with varying economic means and differing physical abilities, across urban and rural areas, with a more proactive, healthier and safer relationship to art and science. CodeCreate is an organization dedicated to providing youth with moments of  inspiration and creativity that will last throughout their lives, as well as, educators with the tools to create these special moments.
We do this by engaging youth and educators with personal design experiences in the differing, yet correlated, fields of technology, art and science. We create opportunities for mechanical and digital technology to blend with communities and the environment: an old loved teddy bear, as an example, is given a new lease on life as a pirate bear when a patch is made to cover its loose eye and it triggers a programmed digital voice to say “arrr”.

CodeCreate Art and Technology Engagement transforms learners’ perspectives. CodeCreate shapes creative opportunities for audiences and participants to imagine, reflect, play and innovate.

CodeCreate believes integration is the key to both critical thinking and wellbeing. Integration must be between both demographics as well as attitudes.

CodeCreate coaches audiences to become designers.

Students learn by doing and uniquely use tools like cardboard, magnets, wire, light, fabric, clay and computer code. The organization has worked with nearly eighty different partners and looks forward to more collaboration.

A participant triggers a cardboard Teddy Bear at the Peggy Notebart Nature Museum in 2014.

CodeCreate has "plugged into" over eighty partners bringing art to tech programs and tech to art programs.

Among CodeCreate’s many past partners have been the National Science Foundation, Disney Magnet Schools, the Homewood Science Center, the National Association for Art Educators, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network, The Chicago City of Learning, the Scratch Foundation at the MIT Media Lab, the Chicago Park District, Maker Media, Facets Multimedia, the Adler Planetarium, The Chicago Learning Exchange, Magical Minds Studio, the MacArthur Foundation, Chicago HOPES for Kids, MOUSE of New York City, Jewish Family Services of Ottawa, Canada, Mut Theatre of Hamburg, Germany, Mozilla of London, England, Common Sense Media, Google, The Imagination Foundation, RUSH University and the Civic Lab.