Exhibitions and Commissions

Leading contemporary artists and designers founding CodeCreate apply the methods and perspectives of our workshops with professional care to engage an audience in meaningful considerations of intersections of art, technology and other forms of diversity.

CodeCreate built an 8′ animatronic “Blengin,” following the vision of late Chicago artist Henry Darger for Chicago’s Arts in the Dark parade based on techniques in Power Puppets with Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art.

“We couldn’t have a better maker than our friends with the CodeCreate Collective.” -Homewood Science Center Programs Manager Holly Kelsven


CodeCreate designed and built the game boards — as well as the production of — Password in Chicago.

“The board came out just beautiful. The curves- like a modern take on an old 70s game show feel. I loved the aspect of having a remote control that I could use to light up the board. I loved CodeCreate’s flexibility and I liked having CodeCreate come in and set up some lights and really make it feel like it was a TV show.” -Host Jerry Mouse